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A collection to raise awareness of the daily realities of endangered species in southern Africa and to raise funds for conservation and anti-poaching efforts. 

I decided to start researching endangered species when I came to a realization: most people don't know what is happening in Africa regarding poaching and human/wildlife conflict and how that is the main reason for endangered species. It's not widely publicized or talked about; no one knows about it unless they've been there or have done some serious reading about it. 

This is what pushed me to dedicate a collection of paintings to this cause: the desire to use my art as a platform from which people can learn more about the poaching crisis and illegal trade, which threatens elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, buffalo, cheetahs...the list goes on—all animals you may have heard of before even once hearing "poaching." This collection has become such an important project for me because without awareness of this problem happening in Africa—without some serious education on-the-ground work being done by great organizations who are doing their best to save these endangered animals—we will lose them forever. 



Each painting has accompanied articles based on research and interviews I have conducted. Through spreading awareness of this topic, my goal is to reach international audiences as I have become aware that most people have no idea of the dangers of poachers, the endangerment of the rhinos and other animals, and how this crisis is not only affecting the local population but has international detrimental effects.


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These prints are charcoal and pencil drawings made as part of my collection, African Wildlife & Anti-Poaching Efforts. 20% of all proceeds of print sales will go to Helping Rhinos, an organization to protect the Rhino species. 

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