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I love meeting other artists and being able to hear their stories and inspirations. 'Artists' Insights' is a series of monthly conversations I have with other artists, in hopes to build community, share ideas, and learn along the way. We’re always learning and improving so what better way than to learn and grow together.

Nikolina Kovalenko is an environmental artists based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her artwork explores humanity’s psychological connection with Nature and each piece is inspired by a specific location belonging to a fragile ecosystem. Nikolina shares some of her artwork and inspirations from her series 'Utopian Reefscapes', how she became an environmental artist, and her new work about the moon. (@nikolinakovalenko)

If you don’t know Lacey, you probably should. Her energy is contagious and she is not only a super talented muralist, which you will find all over the South East USA and beyond, but she is also a social media and marketing guru. (@Lacey_Does) 

Branden Surtain is an artist from, and based out of, New Orleans, LA. His geometric and bright paintings are a reflection of the simplicities of his childhood memories. We talk many things from growing up with art, our individual artistic styles, the importance of being optimistic. (@brandonjuansurtain)

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