Commissions are definitely welcomed and make up a significant portion of my work.

Using high quality materials, I will work with you to conceptualize your ideas into a fine oil painting that will last generations in just three simple steps:


We will start with a free consultation. This gives you the opportunity to provide ideas and photos for the painting and allows me to share further information on the process and pricing structure. 

- 2 -  

Following the consultation I will send three sketches, giving you the opportunity to choose your favorite for the painting, and to provide additional notes. I require a 40% deposit to get started on the painting.

- 3 -

I usually allow one set of changes, but it’s all about being fair to both parties. I want to be happy with the painting as well as you. The current lead time is twelve weeks from the date the non-refundable deposit is received.


For Inquiries, please contact:


T: +1.864.608.7550