Print Proceeds Supporting Helping Rhinos, a Nonprofit Aimed to Help the Species Survive and Thrive

I am donating 20% of proceeds of prints from my collection 'Inside Africa: Wildlife Conservation and the Illegal Wildlife Trade' to Helping Rhinos, a UK and USA based charity working to save the rhino from extinction.

The Goal

My goal is to raise $500 by the end of 2022! With your help, we are climbing towards reaching that goal. As of September 6th, 2022, I have been able to donate $96.09 USD (96.89 EUR).

The Impact

Helping Rhinos works closely with passionate and dedicated partners, both internationally and on the ground, in the heart of rhino habitats. The donations directly contribute to these projects to care for orphaned rhinos, support anti-poaching patrols with the Black Mambas and help the monitoring and growth of black and white rhino populations, which together provide a sustainable future for all species of rhino. Read more about Helping Rhinos and their mission here.

The Prints

These prints are part of my collection' Inside Africa: Wildlife Conservation & Anti-Poaching Efforts'. Two of these charcoal drawings ('Motion Dazzle' and 'One Step in front of the Other') are inspirations for larger original paintings. Learn more about each print and to purchase prints visit my shop.