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Sterling Crawford (b. 1997) is a self-taught artist born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. She began her art career and entrepreneurial journey in 2019 before starting her first post-finance degree job for a start-up accounting firm. Growing her art business through commissioned artwork over the past four years, she now embarks on a new journey as a full-time artist. Most of her original artwork is paired with research to ultimately raise awareness of an important matter, allowing her collectors to embark on a journey towards a better future. 

She is a self-taught artist and explains her artwork as “representational realism”. Focusing on evoking a narrative in each of her original works, Sterling is inspired by art's ability to open people's eyes to a specific feeling or subject matter, leaving them to experience the world a little differently than before. Whether a still life, landscape, or portrait, I try to keep my paintings restful and sophisticated, while bringing a creative edge to the idea.” 


For Inquiries, please contact:


T: +1.864.608.7550


Untitled Capture130357.jpg

Dog portrait and Landscape commissions have built the start of my career in painting over the past 2 years, however it is evolving into much more.

- Sterling Crawford

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